Το σκηνικό με τον Bill Gates [προηγ. post] με διακτίνησε στο 1979 και στο άλμπουμ – ορόσημο του βρετανικού punk ‘Another Kind Of Blues’ των UK Subs. Δύο τραγούδια απ’ αυτό : World War [00:00] και Crash Course [01:25]

The Bill Gates incident [prev. post] beamed me down in 1979 and the album – British punk rock cornerstone
‘Another Kind Of Blues’ by the UK Subs. Two songs from it : World War [00:00] and Crash Course [01:25]

Tonight their world could fall down to the ground
Tomorrow I may just may not be around
So who cares if I O.D
No governments gonna get a penny from me
Call this existence, supposed to be alive
Gotta make a noise before I die
Gonna start a World War

Meet Mr. Media man
He’s got the money he’s got a plan
Come on and get a crash course
We’ll tell you everything we know
Come on and get a crash course
Go where you wanna go
Go to Hollywood meet the stars
No gasoline in their cars
Come on and get a crash course
See you picture in a magazine
Come on and get a crash course
See your face on the TV screen
National network World Service
World domination ‘cos you deserve it
Come on and get a crash course

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  1. Resa February 23, 2023 at 11:08 pm

    True Punks! I understand their anti-social sentiment!


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