…Όπου ο Guy Kyser χρησιμοποιεί τη μελωδία του Amazing Grace [19ος αι.] χτίζοντας ένα τοπίο στους αντίποδες εκείνου που φιλοτεχνούν οι στίχοι του χριστιανικού ύμνου. Μια πρόταση του stcigar, ταιριαστή με τη διάθεση της ημέρας.

Guy Kyser uses the melody of Amazing Grace [19th century] building a landscape in the antipodes of the one crafted by the lyrics of the Christian hymn.
A proposal by
stcigar, suited to the mood of the day.

Well I woke up on the gravel ground
At the feet of a long tall train
Remembering not where I was from
Remembering not my name
I thought of friends from years ago
In a youth I’d thrown away
And a girl who used to love me so
Though I couldn’t recall her face
Then I realized I was only drunk
And the years were stripped away
I felt like a widower stoned and watching
A film of his wedding day
She ran to the car with a T-shirt on
Her face as sad as the moon
Well I was lost and I was bummed
By the ghost of yet to come

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