Where vulgarity meets utter stupidity, one wonders whether to laugh or cry. One does not wonder, though, if he has to be angry. Not only with the fact itself, but also with how it is made by the orchestrated media. “The oldest record shop in the world has banned the sale of Morrissey records because of its decision to support the far right party.” The British artist made the unforgivable crime to wear an anti-Islamic party badge by Anne Marie Waters in his recent concerts. So did Jimmy Fallon in a show where he was invited, causing … fierce reactions.
Now let us look at the presentation: we are not talking about any kind of record shop here, but about the … oldest record shop in the world, which, in the reader’s eyes, is prestigious, necessary when you’re dealing with a living legend, Morrissey status. What the reader may be unaware of, is the commercial potential of the store: as all the others of its kind [the few still in existence, thanks to free downloading] is permanently at the brink of economic collapse.
It is obvious therefore that the owner’s move, in line with the rule of virtue signaling that governs everything in the public domain, is a vulgar advertising move: if once upon a time, stores advertised themselves by the records they were selling, today Spillers is trying to save itself by forbidding those of the right-wing artists. These in terms of vulgarity. As for stupidity, it is enclosed in the following statement of the owner, Ashley Todd, on the Guardian:
“I’m sad, but ultimately … I’m not surprised Spillers can no longer sell Morrissey releases, I wish I’ d done it before…”
The lady refers to her decision as if she was imposed not by herself but by some superior powers.
… With a little appetite for conspiracy theories, you ‘d be tempted to think that the ban emerged as a win-win deal in consultation with the artist who can only win by it …
… if he hadn’t been banned, just yesterday, from …train stations in the U.K.!!!
Moz’s reaction: “It’s a very third Reich, is not it? I’m afraid we’re living through the age of the stupid, and we must pray that it passes soon … “

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