Το τραγούδι του Τιμονιέρη από τον “Ιπτάμενο Ολλανδό” του Ριχάρδου Βάγκνερ. Η σκηνή φτάνει σε μεγαλειώδη κορύφωση με την εμφάνιση του στοιχειωμένου πλοίου [4:12], ενώ ο ναύτης, ρεμβάζοντας, έχει αποκοιμηθεί. Τραγουδά ο τενόρος Gerhard Unger.
The Steersman’s song from
Richard Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman”. The scene reaches a magnificent climax with the haunted ship entering the stage [4:12], while the sailor, lost in reverie, has fallen asleep. Performed by the tenor Gerhard Unger.

In gale and storm from far-off seas,
my maiden, I am near you!
Over towering waves from the south,
my maiden, I am here!
My maiden, were there no southwind,
I could never come to you!
Ah, dear south-wind, blow stronger!
My maiden longs for me!
Hohojo! Hallohoho!
Jollohohoho! Hohoje!
Hallohoho! ho ho ho ho ho ho!

On southern shores, in far-off lands
I thought of you!
Through storms and sea, from Moroccan coast
I have brought you something.
My maiden, praise the south-wind,
I bring you a golden ring.
Ah, dear south-wind, blow stronger!
My maiden would like the trinket.
Hoho! Je! holla ho!

My maiden, were there no south-wind…

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