Δυο τραγούδια από το άλμπουμ Johnny The Fox των Thin Lizzy. Ο Phil Lynnott γεννήθηκε αυτό το μήνα πριν από 74 χρόνια – αποβίωσε μόλις τριανταταέξη ετών, το 1986.
‘Fool’s Gold’ ήταν πάντα ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου τραγούδια του Ιρλανδού ρόκερ. Όσο για το ‘Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed’, το προτιμούσα πάντα από το παρεμφερές αυτού ‘Walk This Way’ των Aerosmith, κυκλοφορημένο ένα χρόνο πριν.

Two songs from
Thin Lizzy’s album Johnny The Fox. Phil Lynnott was born this month 74 years ago – he died just thirty six years old, in 1986.
‘Fool’s Gold’ has always been one of my favorite songs by the Irish rocker. As for ‘Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed’, I always preferred it to Aerosmith’s similar ‘Walk This Way’, released a year earlier.

Johnny the Fox he called to Jimmy the Weed
He said “Hey man, I know your name”
I seen you cruising with the low riders
Hanging out down on First street and Main
Tuned into and listen to the voodoo Rhythm Devils
Around the Bay
They’ve got some crazy DJs
Send you right out to heaven
Jimmy the Weed for greed was taken aback
Johnny the Fox you old sly cat
Cleverly the Fox concealed his stash
Crisp dollar bills leave no tracks
In the back of a black cadillac
The voodoo music travels
Down Skid Row only black men can go
The shady deal unravels
Johnny the Fox, hot to hustle
Jimmy the Weed won’t use no muscle
that cat’s so sly, slick and subtle
Johnny the Fox breaks out the bottle
Tuned into and listening to
The voodoo music travels
The beating drum for the lonely one
Sends you out to heaven

FOOL’S GOLD [03:43]
In the year of the famine when starvation
And black death raged across the land
There were many driven by their hunger
To set sail for the Americas
In search of a new life and a new hope
Oh but there were some that couldn’t cope
And they spent their life in search of
Fools gold
The old prospector he makes it to the four lane highway
His old compadre, he lays dead in the sand
With outstretched hands he cries, “Are you going my way?”
The people passing by didn’t seem to understand
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Broken Joe just lying in a gutter
He’s gone as low as any man can be
He calls for wine but they’ll only serve him water
The bartender say, “We don’t sell sympathy”
He tells a strange story about his father
How Sunday mornings they’d go down to the church on the corner
As time grows older his thoughts they grow younger
It is his wish to search no longer
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
The vulture sits on top of the big top circus arena
He’s seen this show before knows someone is going to fall
Just near the part where the beautiful dancing tightrope ballerina
Forgets that the safety net isn’t there at all
Down he swoops with claws drawn to take her
Razor sharp so savagely is she mauled
Oh my God, is there no one who can save her?
In steps the fox to thunderous applause
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold

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  1. Ken Powell August 21, 2023 at 4:42 pm

    Ah now Thin Lizzy was a band I didn’t get to know as I was a little too young during their heyday. As a result, when I listen to Lynott now, I automatically go back to my first introduction to him: as the parson in War of the Worlds. Doesn’t matter what he sings, I picture him holding up a cross to cast out ‘the demon inside us’.

  2. Resa August 22, 2023 at 4:40 am

    Ahh, I don’t remember this song, but it’s Thin Lizzy all the way.
    I remember “The Boys are Back in Town”.


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