Η «βιβλική φυσιογνωμία» της βρετανικής ψυχεδέλειας, του prog rock, του new wave και, αργότερα, του trance βρίσκεται στη διαδικασία χτισίματος του θρύλου του: το Motivation Radio είναι το τρίτο σόλο άλμπουμ που κυκλοφορεί έχοντας εγκαταλείψει τους Gong. Οι στίχοι αναφέρονται στους […επίκαιρους τελευταία] εξωγήινους «φίλους μας», το στίγμα μεταξύ σατιρικού και συνωμοσιολογικού, ελαφρώς απροσδιόριστο.

The «biblical figure» of British psychedelia, prog rock, new wave and, later, trance, is in the process of building his legend:
Motivation Radio is the third solo album released after his departure from Gong. The lyrics refer to the […updated recently] alien “friends of ours”, in a rather obscure mood, somewhere between satire and conspiracy theory.

We’re picking up the pieces of the puzzle of the source of machines,
We’ve seen every crazy story all rolled into one and now we see just what it means,
We’ve seen the good guys and the bad guys and it’s up to us to choose our inner friends,
So we can all join in together in light and love and laughter in the end.
Oh me oh my there’s a light in the sky
Oh me oh my there’s a light in the sky
In seventy seven the light shone through our hearts and through or eyes,
We looked into the ethers and we saw that they were very much alive,
The sources were exalting us to find a higher energy,
So we could all join in together to live and love and be all that we can be.
Oh me oh my there’s a light in the sky
Oh me oh my there’s a light in the sky

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