Από το δεύτερο άλμπουμ των Neil Barnes & Adam Wren ακούμε την συνεργασία τους με τον electro-funk πιονιέρο Afrika Bambaataa.
Εποχές τεταμένης αναμονής μιας νέας χιλιετίας και …καταστάσεων που λίγοι μπορούσαν τότε να φανταστούν.

From the second Neil Barnes & Adam Wren album we hear their collaboration with the electro – funk pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. Days of intense anticipation, for a new millennium and …circumstances that few could have imagined.

Afrika Bambaataa
Feel the rhythm of the Afrika Bambaataa
Are you ready for the new age
They are setting the stage
For the renegades
To control your mind
They planned it yesterday
Zulu nation here to stay
Let’s get electrofied
Pump it, rockin’ it, stickin’ it, funkin it Afrika
Pump it, rockin’ it, stickin’ it, funkin it Zulu nation
Z-U-L-U that’s the way we say Zulu
Z-U-L-U that’s the way we say Zulu
Zulu nation
Cities of angels
Afrika Bamaaaaaataaaa Zulu nation
Electro funk, electro funk, electro funk future shock
Weee want your funk – Afrika
We want your funk
Let’s get electrofied
The world is on fire, can I take you higher
The world is on fire
Zulu nation
Hahahahahahaha future
Hahahahahahaha future
Electro get going and the funk don’t stop
Time to clear the floor and let the Zulu’s rock
The year 2000 is on the way, some say
The year 2000 has been here since yesterday
Electric beats
Electric beats
We’re Zulusssssssssssssssssss
Z-U-L-U that’s the way you say Zulu
That’s the way you say Zulu

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  1. Resa December 23, 2020 at 12:15 am

    Quite refreshing in a way! Thank you!


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