Δεν είναι κάτι σπουδαίο. Ένα απλό-προς-απλοϊκό τραγουδάκι, με στοιχειώδη αρμονία / μελωδία. Κι όμως “κάτι” σ’ αυτό με έκανε απ’ την αρχή να το αγαπήσω. Αυτό το ιδιαίτερο αίσθημα, ασυνήθιστο για ένα “ρομποτικό” καλλιτέχνη όπως ο Numan. Κι αυτό το βιολί το τέλος…

It’s nothing extraordinary. Just a simple-to-naive little song, based on elementary chords and melody. But “something” in this song made me fall for it from the first time I heard it. Maybe it’s this feeling, unusual for a “robotic” artist like
Numan. And this little violin in the end…

Where are the tracks?
Where are the lines?
Where are the tracks, dear?
Where is the time?
You were so cold
You were so slow
You were so old
And we were unsure
And I want your lines
And I want your time
And I want your face, dear
And you can have mine

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