Μένοντας σε New Wave επικράτεια, ακούμε “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”, το μίνιμαλ αριστούργημα του Gary Numan από το δεύτερο και ανεπανάληπτο άλμπουμ των Tubeway Army : το κόνσεπτ είναι προσανατολισμένο στη δυστοπία του Blade Runner, όπως μαρτυρούν οι στίχοι και το Rutger Hauer-ικό ίματζ του καλλιτέχνη / τρία χρόνια πριν από την ταινία του Ridley Scott.
Στο πλαίσιο πάντα του αφιερώματός μας στους μουσικούς του Μαρτίου.

Remaining in New Wave territory, we hear
“Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”, Gary Numan’s minimal masterpiece from his second and unrepeatable Tubeway Army’s album : a concept oriented to Blade Runner’s dystopia, as evidenced by the lyrics and the artist’s Rutger Hauer-like image / three years before Ridley Scott’s movie.
Always in the context of our March-born musicians tribute.

It’s cold outside
And the paint’s peeling off of my walls
There’s a man outside
In a long coat, grey hat, smoking a cigarette
Now the light fades out
And I wonder what I’m doing in a room like this
There’s a knock on the door
And just for a second I thought I remembered you
So now I’m alone
Now I can think for myself
About little deals and S.U’s
And things that I just don’t understand
Like a white lie that night
Or a sly touch at times
I don’t think it meant anything to you
So I open the door
It’s the ‘friend’ that I’d left in the hallway
‘Please sit down’
A candlelit shadow on a wall near the bed
You know I hate to ask
But are ‘friends’ electric?
Only mine’s broke down
And now I’ve no-one to love
So I found out your reason for the phone calls and smiles
And it hurts and I’m lonely
And I should never have tried
And I missed you tonight
So it’s time to leave
You see it meant everything to me

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