Και ένα τραγούδι του εμβληματικού indie singer-songwriter των ‘90s Elliott Smith [Heatmiser, solo], coda στον κύκλο των Independence Day – related τραγουδιών.
Από το άλμπουμ του 1998,
XO – μια πρόταση του stcigar.

A song by iconic ’90s indie singer-songwriter
Elliott Smith [Heatmiser, solo], a coda to the cycle of Independence Day – related songs.
From his 1998 album,
XO – a proposal of stcigar

Future butterfly
Gonna spend the day
Higher than high
You’ll be
Beautiful confusion, ooh
Once I was you
Ah, ah…
Ah, ah…
I saw you caught between
All the people out
Making a scene
In a bright
Ideal tomorrow, ooh
Don’t go too far
Stay who you are
Ah, ah…
Everybody knows
Everybody knows
Everybody knows
You only live a day
But it’s brilliant anyway
I saw you out
A perfect place
It’s gonna happen soon
But not today
So go to sleep
Amid the change
I’ll meet you here tomorrow
Independence day
Independence day
Independence day

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