Ένα τραγούδι του Captain Beefheart σχετικό [;] με την ημέρα. Από το Ice Cream For Crow, τελευταίο άλμπουμ που ηχογράφησε πριν τον κερδίσουν οριστικά η ζωγραφική και η Έρημος Mojave.
A song by
Captain Beefheart related [?] to the day. From Ice Cream For Crow, last album he made before painting and the Mojave Desert finally won him over.

Why, not even a rustler’d have anything to do
With this branded bum steer world
This pirate flag headlong disaster course vessel
Misguided charted this nautical numbskull hull
Sink in silence smoke – blow your chest out in hope
Sits spread-eagle on poor men
Piled high on truth mountain – last speak in clarity’s chain
You’ll not be thrown but dive and sink
Your pockets filled with earthly burdens
When they could be filled with light and back with wings
The sky is dark in daytime
And still the blackbird’s beauty lyrics clean
Sing ye brothers and end this miserable thing
And brush the dark sky in light
And let the moon bell crack and ring
Upon the mast of mercy
For she is a beautiful thing
I watched her cut with clarity
The sea of satan’s red rolling water
That stung my eyes with vile vile brine
And clung to the vine that choked mary’s only son
God in vain to slaughter
I can’t darken your dark cross door no more
The light lovely one with the nothing door
And oh that pours life water

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    That was fun. Thank you!


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