Κάτι “uncool” από τα ’70s… Δεν είμαι μεγάλος φαν των Uriah Heep, αλλά λατρεύω κάποια τραγούδια τους, όπως αυτό. Τραγουδιστής – αντικαταστάτης του David Byron, ο φοβερός και τρομερός John Lawton, πρώην Lucifer’s Friend. Το άλμπουμ θα ήταν η τρίτη και τελευταία ηχογράφηση που έκανε μαζί τους Heep, δίνοντάς τους μια πιο straight-forward, χωρίς progressive-ισμούς κατεύθυνση.

Something “uncool” from the ’70s… I’m not a big fan of Uriah Heep, but I love some of their songs, like this one. The singer, David Byron’s replacement, is the amazing John Lawton, ex – Lucifer’s Friend. The album would be the third and final recording he made with Heep, giving them a more straight-forward, progressive-free direction.

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  1. Resa July 22, 2020 at 12:41 am

    Never was a fan, either, but this song is pretty good. Perhaps the only one I can think of.

    Of course I couldn’t stand Aerosmith, back in the day, now I ADORE them. A second listen can be worthwhile.

  2. Oannes July 22, 2020 at 9:35 am

    There are some others too, including exceptional songs like ‘Stealin” or ‘July Morning’.
    I just never thought they deserved the success they had, being something like “pure man’s Purple”. Thanks!

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