Στο πλαίσιο του αφιερώματος σε μουσικούς γεννημένους αυτό το μήνα, περνάμε στον πιανίστα – συνθέτη Joe Sample.
Όχι μεγάλος δεξιοτέχνης, καλλιτέχνης όμως με ουσία και στιλ, ο JS είναι πιο γνωστός ως συνιδρυτής των
[Jazz] Crusaders, και για ένα πλήθος κορυφαίων συνεργασιών [από τον Miles Davis, τον B.B. King και τον George Benson μέχρι τους Steely Dan, την Joni Mitchell και τον Eric Clapton].
Η μεγάλη του στιγμή – καλλιτεχνικά και εμπορικά – είναι αυτή που ακούμε :
‘Street Life’, από το ομώνυμο άλμπουμ των Crusaders, με την εξαίσια Randy Crawford, επίσης γεννημένη Φεβρουάριο. Στίχοι : Will Jennings

We carry on the tribute to musicians born this month, with pianist – composer Joe Sample.
Not a great virtuoso, but an artist with substance and style, JS is best known as the co-founder of the
[Jazz] Crusaders, as well as for a host of top collaborations [from Miles Davis, B.B. King and George Benson to Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and Eric Clapton].
His great moment – artistically and commercially – is the one we hear :
‘Street Life’, from the Crusaders’ eponymous album, with the exquisite Randy Crawford, also born February. Lyrics by Will Jennings.

I still hang around neither lost nor found
Hear the lonely sound of music in the night
Nights are always bright
That’s all that’s left for me, yeah
I play the street life
Because there’s no place I can go
Street life, it’s the only way I know
Street life
And there’s a thousand cards to play
Until you play your life away
You dress and walk and talk
You’re who you think you are
Street life, you can run away from time
Street life, for a nickel, for a dime
Street life, but you better not get old
Or you’re gonna feel the cold
There’s always love for sale
A grown up fairy tale
Prince charming always smiles
Behind a silver spoon
And if you keep t young
Your song is always sung
Your love will pay your way beneath the silver moon
Street life, street life, street life, oh street life

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  1. Liz Gauffreau February 2, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    I enjoyed this. It did remind me of George Benson.

  2. Resa February 4, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    I know this song & music. I love it. I have not heard it for a LONG time. Thank you!


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