Ένα ειρωνικό και “ελαφρώς” σπαραξικάρδιο τραγούδι, στο πνεύμα της …προσέγγισης των Χριστουγέννων.
Απ΄τους δαιμόνιους
αδελφούς Mael και το άλμπουμ που αποτελεί το διαχρονικό magnum opus τους, Kimono My House του 1973.
An ironic and “slightly” heartbreaking song, in the spirit of Christmas …coming.
By the ingenious
Mael brothers, from the all-time classic album Kimono My House, released in 1973.

What do I hear, what do I hear?
Chit-chat, and clinking glass
Cheap talk, a lady’s laugh
After hours
What do I see, what do I see?
Some sunken hideaway
Where people go to play
After hours
There I’ll spend the night
Meeting fancy things
At bistros and old haunts
Trying very hard to sin
Then it is day and in a way
The pattern’s much the same
In-spots, a matinee
Blend with the crowd, blend with the loud
Hypnotic ebb and flow
Until the day goes slowly
Into night
See the same old crowd
At bistros and old haunts
‘Til the lights grow dim,
The not-so-subtle hint to be gone
Thank God it’s not Christmas
When there is only you
And nothing else to do
Thank God it’s not Christmas
Where there’s just you to do
The rest is closed to public view
Caroling kids, caroling kids
A trifle premature, in tones so rich and pure
And crystalline
Call for the day, the popular day
It’s fast approaching now
But will the mood allow
One dissent
If this were the Seine
We’d be very suave
But it’s just the rain
Washing down the boulevard
Popular days, the popular ways
Are for the chosen few
Not meant for me and you
Popular nights, poplar rites
Great things to say and do
Aren’t said or done by you
If this were Seine
We’d be very suave
But it’s just the rain
Washing down the boulevard

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