Ένα τραγούδι του Mark Lanegan [R.I.P.] για το αφιέρωμά μας στη Μουσική Για Φαντάσματα – πρόταση του stcigar. Από το Straight Songs Of Sorrow, τελευταίο άλμπουμ του σπουδαίου singer-songwriter / A song by Mark Lanegan [R.I.P.] for our Music Related To Ghosts tribute – a stcigar’s proposal. From Straight Songs Of Sorrow, last album by the great singer-songwriter.

Strange things happen in the city
Strange things happen in the street
Here I am, here I am out here walkin’
Walkin’ in wilderness so deep
And in every passing car I hear her callin’
In every one she speeds away
Hey Lord, help me now because I’m leanin’
And I don’t want to fall away
All my life I’ve held this hammer
Hammered bolders into stones
Now I choke on tears of anger
And I am quickly growin’ cold
Lord, I wish that you could see me
I stagger now on wounded Atlas
Nothing else but blood and bones
Lord, help me now because I’m drowning
My boat don’t know the way to shore
Now I find myself in Kansas
Here I am, here I am with aging hustler
Born without a mother, born without a soul
I ask somebody for a quater
There was someone for me to phone
Lord, don’t you hear me, I am calling
Lord, help me now, don’t let me fall
I find myself in Charlotte, find myself in Jacksonville
Here I am, I’m disappearing
There’s nothing left for me to kill
In every train that’s running by me
I hear her singin in the wind
Lord, help me now, I’m going over
Lord, help me now, I’m going down
Lord, don’t you hear me cryin
Don’t you hear me sayin’ goodbye

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