King Crimson από τα middle ’70s, στο απώγειο της δόξας τους. Αυτό είναι το σαρωτικό φινάλε του άλμπουμ τους Starless And Bible Black.
Robert Fripp: κιθάρα, mellotron, Hohner pianet,
μέλος του May born musicians club, όπως και ο Bill Bruford : drums, percussion. John Wetton: μπάσο, φωνή, David Cross: βιολί, mellotron, Hohner pianet.
King Crimson from the mid ’70s, at the height of their glory. This is the sweeping finale of the Starless And Bible Black album.
Robert Fripp: guitar, mellotron, Hohner pianet, member of
May born musicians club, as also is Bill Bruford : drums, percussion. John Wetton: bass, voice, David Cross: violin, mellotron, Hohner pianet.

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