Από την πρώτη σκηνή της πρώτης πράξης της όπερας The Death Of Klinghoffer του John Adams. Το λιμπρέτο [Alice Goodman] βασίζεται σε πραγματικό γεγονός, την τρομοκρατική ενέργεια μελών της PLO στο ιταλικό υπερωκεάνιο Achille Lauro το 1985.
From Act 1, Scene 1 of
John Adams’ opera The Death Of Klinghoffer.
The libretto
[Alice Goodman] is based upon a true story, the terrorist act of PLO members on the Italian ocean liner Achille Lauro in 1985.

Is not the ocean itself their past?
Landscape of night for Him
Who is called All-Seeing, untouched
By storms, deep-silted with the motes
Of carrion which stand for light
God rests in nothing. The perfect shapes
Delicately blazing monstrous creatures
Cross obliquely eating lice and moss
Here is a semblance of the first man;
Sinewy, translucent, thick with life
Superficially violent, inwardly calm
His pulse beats in his ears. He is secretive;
Entrenched in his side, the sacred parasites
This is the night of his wedding
His extremities reek of his wife
Flesh of his flesh, a rib of sand
Who is listening, not to his voice
But to the voice of spirits, and waiting
For the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil
To climb down from the trees

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  1. Resa July 6, 2022 at 12:43 am

    This music is as sad as the actual event was. I remember the news reports.


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