Ένα πρώιμο electro αριστούργημα από το συγκρότημα του Phil Oakey, ανησυχητικά σύγχρονο, ως μουσική και ως στίχος…
An early electro masterpiece from
Phil Oakey’s band, alarmingly modern, both music and lyrics.

Nine o’clock flight from Hawaii
The Trident is just touching down
We’re waiting here on the tarmac
McGarrett is wearing a frown
He’s here to help with a problem
A blood-spattered curse on our land
Please cast your eye over this map, sir
This business is quite out of hand
The circus of death is approaching
Its pathway is painted in red
Before it the frightened and helpless
Behind it a trail of the dead
The narcotic that forges their union
Is a substance known only to one
To the clown it is known as “Dominion”
It’s a secret that he’ll give to none
The drug which gives the clown power
Means the circus can never be stopped
And his dream can go on unhindered
Till the last human being has dropped
Spare me and my family, I’ve done you no wrong
Go away, please let us be, I’ve known you for too long

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  1. Resa January 18, 2022 at 1:28 am

    Pleasantly different!


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