Το μικρό αριστούργημα του Howard Blake για την ταινία κινουμένων σχεδίων  The Snowman [Dianne Jackson, 1982]. Στην αυθεντική ερμηνεία του Peter Auty.

Howard Blake‘s little jewel for the animated film  The Snowman [Dianne Jackson, 1982]. Here in the authentic interpretation by Peter Auty.

We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the moonlit sky
The people far below are sleeping as we flyI’m holding very tight
I’m riding in the midnight blue
I’m finding I can fly so high above with youFar across the world
The villages go by like trees
The rivers and the hills
The forests and the streamsChildren gaze open mouth
Taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyesWe’re surfing in the air
We’re swimming in the frozen sky
We’re drifting over icy
Mountains floating bySuddenly swooping low on an ocean deep
Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleepWe’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the midnight sky
And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly

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  1. Ken Powell December 26, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    I was today year’s old when I realised The Snowman is set in Brighton. Thank you for that. I had never seen it before despite watching it many, many times 😀


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