Ακούμε ένα από τα 6 τραγούδια – μελοποιήσεις ποιημάτων του Θεόφιλου Γκωτιέ, που συνθέτουν τον κύκλο Les Nuits D’ Été του Εκτόρ Μπερλιόζ – αρχικά για πιάνο και φωνή, ενορχηστρωμένα στη συνέχεια από τον συνθέτη.
‘Le Spectre De La Rose’ ερμηνεύει η mezzo-soprano Brigitte Balleys, ο Philippe Herreweghe διευθύνει την Orchestre des Champs-Elysees

We hear one of the six songs after poems by Theophile Gautier that form
Hector Berlioz’s Les Nuits D’ Été — originally written for piano and voice, subsequently orchestrated by the composer.
‘Le Spectre De La Rose’ is performed by mezzo-soprano Brigitte Balleys, Philippe Herreweghe conducts Orchestre des Champs-Elysees

English translation © Richard Stokes
Open your eyelids,
Brushed by a virginal dream;
I am the spectre of a rose
That yesterday you wore at the dance.
You plucked me still sprinkled
With silver tears of dew,
And amid the glittering feast
You wore me all evening long.

O you who brought about my death,
You shall be powerless to banish me:
The rosy spectre which every night
Will come to dance at your bedside.
But be not afraid – I demand
Neither Mass nor De Profundis;
This faint perfume is my soul,
And I come from Paradise.

My destiny was worthy of envy;
And for such a beautiful fate,
Many would have given their lives –
For my tomb is on your breast,
And on the alabaster where I lie,
A poet with a kiss
Has written: Here lies a rose
Which every king will envy.

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