Ξεκινάμε με το διαστημικό σαραβαλάκι των Hawkwind [πετάει ακόμη!] για ένα ταξίδι – αφιέρωμα σε κομμάτια με «κοσμικό» περιεχόμενο, από ποικίλες περιόδους και μουσικά είδη. Βρισκόμαστε στις αρχές των ‘70s και οι Βρετανοί ψυχεδελικοί masters βρίσκονται στο δεύτερό τους άλμπουμ.

We embark on
Hawkwind’s space bagatelle [still flies!] for a journey – tribute to «cosmic» songs and music, from various eras and genres.
We are in the early ‘7os, and the British psychedelic masters are on their second album.

I am the center of this universe
The wind of time is blowing through me
And it’s all moving relative to me
It’s all a figment of my mind
In a world that I’ve designed
I’m charged with cosmic energy
Has the world gone mad or is it me?
I am the creator of this universe
And all that it was meant to be
So that we might learn to see
This foolishness that lives in us
And stupidity that we must suss
How to banish from our minds
If you call this living, I must be blind

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  1. Resa January 30, 2021 at 10:32 pm

    Interesting. Never heard them… as far as I can remember. Very solid for their time and genre.

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