Ένα από τα πιο αγαπημένα μου κομμάτια των Genesis είναι αυτό, από το άλμπουμ A Trick Of The Tail του 1976. Τυχαίνει να είναι και ένα από τα αγαπημένα του συνθέτη του, οργανίστα Tony Banks, ο οποίος απορεί [όπως και εγώ] γιατί …δεν έτυχε καλύτερης υποδοχής από τους φαν του γκρουπ.

One of my favorite
Genesis songs is this one from their album A Trick Of The Tail, released in 1976. It also happens to be one of the favorite of its composer, the keyboard player Tony Banks, who wonders [like myself] why this song wasn’t so well-received among the groups’ fans.

Was it summer when the river ran dry
Or was it just another dam
When the evil of a snowflake in June
Could still be a source of relief
O how I love you, I once cried long ago
But I was the one who decided to go
To search beyond the final crest
Though I’d heard it said just birds could dwell so high
So I pretended to have wings for my arms
And took off in the air
I flew to places which the clouds never see
Too close to the deserts of sand
Where a thousand mirages, the shepherds of lies
Forced me to land and take a disguise
I would welcome a horse’s kick to send me back
If I could find a horse not made of sand
If this desert’s all there’ll ever be
Then tell me what becomes of me
A fall of rain
That must have been another of your dream
A dream of mad man moon
Hey man
I’m the sand man
And boy have I news for you
They’re gonna throw you in goal
And you know they can’t fail
‘Cos sand is thicker than blood
But a prison in sand
Is a haven in hell
For a gaol can give you a goal
Goal can find you a role
On a muddy pitch in Newcastle
Where it rains so much
You can’t wait for a touch
Of sun and sand, sun and sand
Within the valley of shadowless death
They pray for thunderclouds and rain
But to the multitude who stand in the rain
Heaven is where the sun shines
The grass will be greener till the stems turn to brown
And thoughts will fly higher till the earth brings them down
Forever caught in desert lands one has to learn
To disbelieve the sea
If this desert’s all there’ll ever be
Then tell me what becomes of me.
A fall of rain
That must have been another of your dreams
A dream of mad man moon

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  1. Timothy Price August 22, 2021 at 9:40 pm

    I think I mentioned this before. I saw Genesis in concert around 1977 or 1978.

    1. Oannes August 22, 2021 at 10:02 pm

      Genesis is my all-time favorite act in any genre. Therefore I consider you a very lucky person!

      1. Timothy Price August 23, 2021 at 12:20 am

        We used to get chart topping bands coming through town a lot. Lately, the popular bands go to Phoenix or Denver. Both cities have two to three times the populations of the State of New Mexico, so the bands don’t want to bother with little old Albuquerque, even though the metro area has half the population of the state. However, it seems all the revival bands hit Albuquerque on the Casino circuits. Five years ago, there was a lot of live music in Albuquerque. There were a hundred local and touring groups playing each month. That scene started to dry up a few years ago, and the pandemic finished it off.


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