Ακόμα κι αν η χώρα είναι η Βρετανία, κι ακόμα κι αν η εποχή είναι τα early ’70s, μια χαρά αφορά κι εμάς το άσμα του R. E. Broughton, μισό αιώνα αργότερα. Από το 4o άλμπουμ των ψυχεδελικών blues rockers, In Side Out.
Even if Britain is the country, and even if the era is the early ’70s,
R. E. Broughton’s song fits us perfectly too, half a century later. From psychedelic blues rockers’ 4th album, In Side Out.

Macarthy’s in our country sending home the spies
They’re beating up a prisoner in the midst of his surprise
Up there in the docklands they’re fighting for their rights
Homes fit for heroes, deposits not returned
The grocer at the rudder has closed shop for today
On this sinking ship from which Michael fled away
Over on the port side they settle down to pray
Homes fit for heroes, deposits not returned
Who is the man who is sincere?
And can’t have love for him called queer?
If I found a lady in the night
Would we talk about the festival of light?
You ask me what I’m doing, I just picked out my nose
My lady’s in the kitchen not wearing any clothes
I’m tired and I’m crazy and I just came from the road – thinking
Homes fit for heroes, deposits not returned

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  1. Resa May 26, 2023 at 3:11 am

    The music and the message could not be more simple and clear.
    Very effective. I never heard this before. Thank you!


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