Η Αμερική του σήμερα σε δυο εικόνες.
Πάνω [βίντεο] ο Ρεπουμπλικάνος υποψήφιος γερουσιαστής της Νεβάδα
Adam Paul Laxalt βεβαιώνει το κοινό ότι θα πολεμήσει με νύχια και με δόντια την κατάπτυστη επιχείρηση υποχρεωτικού εμβολιασμού των παιδιών [βλ. χτεσινό post].
Κάτω, η
…απάντηση του δημοκρατικού χρήστη.

Όταν η παρολίγον …Madam President [Hilary Clinton] χαρακτήριζε τους ψηφοφόρους του Trump “a basket of deplorables”, μια απ’ τις κατηγορίες στις οποίες αναφερόταν ήταν οι …”αρνητές της επιστήμης”.

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  1. Timothy Price October 22, 2022 at 2:24 am

    It’s like Hilary is miss scientific. She doesn’t like the deplorables because they won’t behave, science deniers or not. Of course, what the public gets fed as science in the US of A is hardly science. It’s like when they say “do the math” but there is no math involved. It’s adding. dividing or multiplying numbers. Not even to the level of arithmetic. Simple calculations are way beyond fools like Hilary and most talking heads in the media. Even conservative reporters have trouble with numbers. A writer for “The American Spectator” mentioned how stamps were 2 cents in 1920, and the PO wants to raise the price to 63 cents. I responded to his discussion that a 2 cent stamp was 35 cents in 2020 dollars, and from 1920 to 2020, inflation rose over 1600%. If the post of kept up with inflation, a stamp would cost around $6 today. He totally didn’t get it. I had to send him the detailed calculations, then he said he was overwhelmed by the formulas. Go figure. I did mention that if the Postal Service could sell stamps for $6, it might actually make a profit.


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